Powerful software to disconnect your Internet, right now, for free

If you are interested in right now to get disconnected from the Internet completely, for free, install right now powerful software blocking Internet use entirely.

To download for free click here

This obstruction is only at the level of software, it is recommended to contact an "Outnet center" representative for more information, the closest to your residential area. Please call: 0722-613-613, in the US: 718-437-1TAG, for the purpose of completing the lock-up system by disconnecting from the WIFI antenna, for free .

The software does not block updates anti-virus .

If you are interested in leaving your email open, do it as follows: run the software Outlook (from Office), and send email once. And then install the block. Everything will be blocked now, only the email will remain open (via Outlook) and also the anti-virus updates .

By reformatting computer software will be removed .

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